La Pharmacocinétique Clinique de Routine

KineticPRO is a software package based on mathematical modeling which provides a reliable approach in optimizing drug therapy. It was designed to assist clinicians in interpreting serum drug levels so that drug therapy may be better and more cost-effective. It is a methodological approach to describe, predict and control the kinetic behavior of a drug. This software incorporates the principle of Bayesian procedures, i.e. one can use all available patient information (population) to determine patient-specific parameter estimates. These estimates can then be used either to design an optimal sampling protocol or to individualize drug regimen.

v     The study of linear mammillary models, associated with intra- or extravascular routes and single or repeated dose administrations, results in a complete review of particular cases. With APIS, you are able to perform:

Ĝ      Storage of kinetic observations, in particular the blood concentration-time curves of the drug, the storage of administration protocols, population data, and pharmacokinetic parameters as well as calculation of the population characteristics, the mean parameters and the associated variability,

Ĝ      Preliminary analysis of the kinetics using the method of residuals to obtain an approximation of the pharmacokinetic parameters,

Ĝ      Estimation of the pharmacokinetic parameters by adjusting of a mathematical model on observations with maximum likelihood, or weighted least squares or Bayesian criterion,

Ĝ      Extensive graphics capabilities to quickly display the kinetic data under several different dosage regimens before selecting the most appropriate one,

Ĝ      Dosage adjustment satisfying the given clinical constraints of efficacy and toxicity, whatever the reference compartment (central or distribution). Quick or progressive dosage adjustments are possible according to fixed clinical objectives. In the first case, the software sequentially calculates the amounts to be administered after every control dosage, performing therapeutic drug monitoring in real time,

Ĝ      Optimal sampling design for a sampling protocol. Having set an observation interval, the most informative times are determined, leading to precise estimation of the parameters of the model used.

v     KineticPRO may be used on any IBM compatible personal computer, it is developed under Visio C++ language and it is menu driven to provide a very-friendly tool for analyzing pharmacokinetic data. The Windows-Microsoft environment allows us to communicate with spreadsheets, word processing and other softwares running under Windows or to develop macro-commands to perform specific integrated functions. Technical facilities as complete printing report, on line-help, warning messages, measurement unit management and zoom on graphic simulation are also available.

v     Methodology and basic features were proposed by A. Iliadis in the Department of Pharmacokinetics, School of Pharmacy, and Marseilles. The software development was initially sponsored by INSERM. New versions regularly update technological progress and they integrate new methodological tools.

v     You will find in hospitals, medical research centers, universities or the pharmaceutical industry that KineticPRO is a precious tool in routine pharmacokinetics; it will help you interpret of the blood levels of a drug in a patient and, in return, produce better adapted and cheaper therapeutical treatments.